IFPRA DE NORMANDIE has just been established in January 2021. It is a training organization bringing together various services and activities: -DAVA (Academic validation system which is a recognition and validation of acquired experience for National Education diplomas) -CAFOP (Academic center for vocational training, regional expertise dedicated to the training of trainers and training design) –Europe Department (department for the management of projects co-financed by European Funds; administrative, financial and educational management of Erasmus +, Feder, ESF, Interreg projects) – CFA ( regional apprenticeship training center of Normandy Region) with approximately 21,000 apprentices in the region.
IFPRA DE NORMANDIE also acts as an umbrella organization for a regional group of training centres whose activities are dedicated to the training of adult learners: GRETA network and vocational schools. In 2020, GRETA network trained about 23 000 all over the region (in 28 training centres). They deliver courses for : -unemployed people and vulnerable groups (among which migrants) : they deliver a specific training scheme funded by the Region, which is part of a guidance process and which is to support people in career changes and the acquisition of key competences. -blue and white collar employees in numerous trades and unemployed people (among which migrants) willing to pass a certification.
These trainings are funded either by businesses, Pôle Emploi, trade bodies or Normandy Regional Council and aim at training people so that they can take and pass an examination in order to get a certification. -Employees : short customized pathways designed according to the needs of businesses and participants for upskilling the workforce. Thanks to their technical premises and training teams, VET schools are able to deliver courses and train learners so that they pass certifications in many fields such as: industry, catering, cleaning, energies, languages, building …. They also develop projects related to transversal competences. They are engaged in equal opportunities policies and actions, the inclusion of disadvantaged groups, gender equality, sustainable development. IFPRA DE NORMANDIE bilingual team
has gained considerable experience in leading several complex EU projects under ESF, Interreg IV, Erasmus … as partner as well as coordinator. They have a team of 5 people dedicated to the management of projects (administration and pedagogical coordination). Trainers and ongoing advisors from the GRETA network will be committed in the project. A group of trainers will be involved in the design of the outputs and the implementation of the different activities (piloting, training, provision of feedbacks, dissemination).

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