During project 3 years we carry out the following activities in the project and share studies what are important for our project:

  • We will analyse cleaning instructions from at least 15 countries for cleaning under Covid-19 conditions, point out possible differences, study the differences between the instructions and the actual cleaning.  
  • We will analyse at least 30 scientific studies on cleaning in pandemic conditions. We pay special attention to the negative aspects of disinfection. 
  • We will make a summary of instructions, research that is easy to use in teaching, decision-making when planning cleaning and purchasing a cleaning service  
  • We will create a well-thought-out promotional video about the importance of conscious cleaning, which we want to reach to as many people as possible. 
  • We will make educational videos for cleaning five standard rooms in pandemic and normal conditions, using minimal resources to achieve the result.  
  • We will carry out science-based testing so that we can be sure that the proposed methods actually work to achieve sufficient purity. The study is largely led and conducted by Tuula Suontamo, PhD with long-term experience  
  • We will create an easy-to-use self-audit form, on the basis of which everyone can discover 10 critical places in cleaning, the cleanliness of which is important for preventing the spread of viruses.