Rakvere Reaalkool is a general education school where students can choose between different electives at the gymnasium level, one of which is filmmaking. The school supports the development of professional and general skills with its fields of study. The school has about 900 students, more than 200 of them in the high school part. The core values of the school include a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, which is in line with the principles of the project. Upper secondary students carry out research work, the topics of which can also be related to the project. The school employs more than 40 teachers, 3 teachers are planned to be involved in the project, and there is a desire to link the topics of the project to
school subjects, such as chemistry. Based on the development plan for the field of education 2021-2035
(haridusvaldkonna_arengukava_2035_29.10.2020_riigikokku.pdf (hm.ee)), one of the basic principles and values of the development plan is domestic and international co-operation. The school does not yet have experience with Erasmus + cooperation projects. Participation in this project provides a good opportunity to work with partners from Estonia and internationally, as well as opportunities to diversify the learning environment and motivate teachers based on the school’s core values and electives. There is more and more talk about the integration of vocational education and general education, and the school’s activities and the project provide a good opportunity for mutual development. The school has experience in making short films, including social media promotional videos, as part of the filmmaking elective subject.
We hope this experience will add value to the project.

Rakvere Realkool VIDEO STUDIO has been operating at the school since 2008, offering high school students lectures once a week in the field of video and digital photography. The main topics of the course: the nature of the media in modern times, tips for making video and film, using editing software, sound recording, video recording and subsequent processing and archiving of school events. The ABC of making a short film and a TV show. The video studio works closely with other subjects (drama, natural sciences, mother language, etc.). Study materials are created (language learning, music, physics, chemistry, etc.). The video studio has a small room equipped with modern technology (2 cameras, light, sound, software and hardware, etc.).

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