Puhastusekspert was founded in 1998 and active training activities started in January 2000. Since this time we have provided various cleaning training courses attended by more than 17,000 people in Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and more. Through our activities, we want to raise awareness of high cleaning standards and provide customers with ergonomic, cost-efficient, high-quality cleaning patterns.

There is a team of six cleaning experts and all participate in education and training projects promoting best cleaning practices. All have a university degree in pedagogy or have professional certificate EQL level 6 in adult training. The company employs a total of 9 people – 6 trainers in the field of cleaning and 3 administrative staff, who help to compile study materials and contribute to the other services of the
company. Other services include consultation, cleaning audits, permanent contracts for cleaning work supervision, surveys, quality control through measuring cleanliness and cleaning tender preparation. All activities take into focus innovation and rising workforce effectivity. OÜ Puhastusekspert is an awarding body in cleaning professions in Estonia.
Puhastusekspert is the vocational qualification exam centre for certification in Estonia. OÜ Puhastusekspert has brought to pass professional exams in Estonia since 2004, developed professional exams in EQF 2, 3, 4, 5 levels. 3469 professional certificates have been given out. OÜ Puhastusekpsert has played a leading part in developing other Estonian official standards- Vocabulary of Cleaning Sector (EVS 900:2008), Cleaning quality- System for establishing
and assessing cleaning quality (EVS 914:2012, EVS 914:2020). Helge Alt from OÜ Puhastusekspert has been the member of the team developing Estonian national curricula for home economics and cleaning service.

OÜ Puhastusekspert is leading partner of the project Cost Effective, Need Based Cleaning- INSTA800 ”2019-1-EE01-KA202-051703. During the project, information materials have been developed on how to transfer knowledge from the INSTA800 standard in 7 different Nordic and Baltic countries. In addition, time matrices and effective training programs are currently being developed (the project period is 2019-2022). Puhastusekspert has been the compiler of several study materials in the field of cleaning, their content has also been cleaning ergonomics. They have participated in the compilation of several educational videos, which have since been freely available to everyone (https://ekoolikott.ee/oppematerjal/21807-Koristamine-see-on-lihtne-Video). Puhastusekspert is a professional in the field of cleaning, in this connection they are directly involved in the development of the field of cleaning. Representatives of Puhastusekspert have been involved in the preparation of the national curriculum in the field of cleaning. PE has been involved in the OSKA study (OSKA.kutsekoda.ee/en/), which is related to the development of the cleaning field and
ergonomics. OÜ Puhastusekspert contributes to this project with professional experience of Helge Alt, Jaanika Kasemets and Veronika Kahre.

Helge Alt at 1993 graduated from Tallinn Pedagogical University. In same year started to teach cleaning in Estonia, later had lectures in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Denmark etc. In 1998 she established her own company of cleaning consultation, measuring cleaning time and cleaning courses OÜ Puhastusekspert. Helge Alt has attended professional cleaning courses in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, England, Netherlands etc. In 2008 Helge Alt got a magister Artium degree in Tartu University (Requalification and refresher studies for adults in the field of cleaning service). She has adult educator EQF level 7 certificate. She has certificate about standard Cleaning quality- system for establishing and assessing cleaning quality INSTA 800 knowledge in level 3 and 4 (Denmark 2013, 2016). She has been involved in development of: – Business processes of occupational qualification standards and examination system for cleaners and their supervisors. – Making Estonian standard: Professional cleaning vocabulary standard (EVS 900:2009),“Cleaning quality- System for establishing and assessing cleaning quality” (INSTA 800) Estonian version (EVS914:2012 and EVS914:2020) , Facility management (EVS 807:2016) – has been a member of the team developing Estonian national curricula in home economics and cleaning – has been the project manager of several international EU projects – is expert in project CIH –Cleaning in Healthcare (Erasmus +, project nr 2014-0025-KA202-01), SAFHY, Advancing hygiene and CLEANing training for HORECA SMEs” 2019-1-UK01-KA202-061484 – has the experience of the project lead partner in the project Cost Effective, Need Based Cleaning- INSTA800 ”2019-1-EE01- KA202-051703 – is the author of several training materials in cleaning (training videos, workbooks included), is written a lot of different articles about cleaning – is involved in professional skills competition EstoSkills developing team and judge in cleaning.

Jaanika Kasemets – has previous work experience (2017-2019) in purchasing cleaning services in the public sector. She has helped to compile and design cleaning materials in writing, pictures and videos. She has been in the working group of the standard EVS914: 2020. She is currently project manager of two projects (“Cost Effective, Need Based Cleaning- INSTA800” 2019-1-EE01-KA202-051703, “Advancing hygiene and CLEANing training for HORECA
SMEs” 2019-1-UK01-KA202-061484).

Veronika Kahre – has previous work experience in managing care homes, developing cleaning systems and work experience international companys. At the moment she is leading two Erasmus+ international project’s – „Cleaning ergonomics – to prevent occupational diseases and accidents “ and „Safe and effective cleaning in pandemic situation“