SVS b.v. is a training institute for the cleaning industry in the Netherlands. Every year, more than 10.000 students find their way to SVS. With the highest class of training the students will achieve a brilliant cleaning result in a healthy way. And it gives the trained employees the confidence that they deserve. Whether they perform the cleaning in-house of outsource, SVS organizes training courses in every branch of the cleaning industry. The aim of SVS is to encourage, organize and implement training courses for employees involved in professional cleaning services. SVS offers more than 60 vocational, framework and management courses. Courses are very practical and are characterized by ‘learning by doing’ besides theoretical lessons and technical instructions.

Approx. SVS 20 training centres all over the countries implement specific schemes for adults and young learners working with local cleaning companies and in house cleaning services in order to offer a professional expertise in different fields of cleaning such as building maintenance, ergonomics, hospital cleaning, industrial cleaning, window washing, and safety procedures. All courses are based on ergonomics, effectiveness and efficiency, safety, social skills and hospitality. The 140 teachers and trainers have extensive experience in the transfer of knowledge and practical skills. SVS-teachers know also the specific focus points of Sheltered Employment (SW), the sector that helps people with physical, psychological and/or mental disabilities, to find real jobs. An SVS vocational diploma offers students plenty of opportunities in the labour market. SVS delivers different types of courses for the total industrial operation column within the cleaning branche. From director till cleaner. SVS takes part of the Dutch Cleaning Research Association (VSR) to develop on a permanent way cleaning technics. SVS is leading some projects in partnership with local stakeholders in the field of new developments of cleaning technics. SVS brings the project to the Central European cleaning experience. Key people involved in the project will be : André de Reus – Is founder of a leading agency in engineered cleaning (ATIR b.v.) in the field of cleaning technics, cleaning management, quality monitoring and tender analysis. He is member of the board of advisers from SVS. He teaches top- as well as middle management and supervisors in organisation-, calculation- and quality technics. For the Dutch Ministry of Development he gives international cleaning-assistance all over the world. With the help of André, it is possible to work through cleaning information that is in Dutch or German, because André is fluent in both languages. Charles Scholten is director (CEO) of SVS. He is leading the organisation with approx. 140 teachers/instructors and 14 managers on different levels. He is involved with the Dutch Cleaning Industry to promote education and training on every level for departments within cleaning Branche of the Netherlands and Belgium.

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