Tuula Suontamo Oy was founded in 2005 by PhD Tuula Suontamo, the company’s goal is to share (cleaning) chemistry knowledge at the grassroots level, but at the same time scientifically. Surface sampling and research to create conscious cleaning were quickly added to the company’s core business. The main ways to determine surface cleanliness are: – ATP luminometer (Determination of organic dirt) – Hygicult tests – TPC: identification of beneficial micro-organisms – Y&F: molds, definition – Clean Card PRO (protein definition) – BM DUSTDETECTOR (surface dust) – UV lamp – visualization of dirt invisible to the eye Tuula Suontamo Oy has conducted research in the following institutions / places: – Swimming
centres, health centers, hospitals, nursing homes – Kindergarten, schools The results have been used in the development and training of the cleaning service. A lot of fact-based knowledge has been gained from research, which makes the “invisible part” of cleansing visible. Based on the research, trainings have been organized all over Finland and Estonia. The research results have been reflected in many publications (Keskisuomalainen, Aamulehti, Karjalainen, Turku Sanomat, Iltasanomat, Raahelainen, Raahe Seutu, Keskipohjanmaa and Ilkka, Kemia Kemi, Fida, Slalli, Talentia and Ekoelo) In 15 years, the company has accumulated a large amount of knowledge and experience, which helps to achieve controlled, reliable knowledge and solutions in this project.

Tuula Suontamo Oy contributes to the project with practical knowledge and skills to prove that the proposed cleaning rules/instructions also work and are effective in real life. Tuula Suontamo Oy helps to prove that the solutions proposed in the project are scientifically proven. The following persons are participating in the project by Tuula Suontamo Oy: Tuula Suonatamo – graduated from the University of Jyväskylä with a degree in loose sciences in 1977, a degree in philosophy in 1992 and a PhD in surface chemistry (Doctor of Philosophy) in 2004 Tuula has a teacher experience in mathematics, chemistry and home economics from 1964 to 1997, since 1990 she has been an adult educator in the field of cleaning,
and Tuula has given many international presentations. Tuula has compiled many textbooks, books, articles, numerous articles, presentations in specialty publications and seminars Samuli Suonatmo – Participated in conducting Tuula Suonatmo Oy research since 2011. Engaged in taking samples, preparing their analyzes, making presentations attractive.

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