Project meeting in Rouen, France 11.05.2023

Today the project team had a meeting in Rouen, France. We discussed about the outcomes of the cleaning tests and how far we’ve come with the project.

What is causing pandemic?

In the project PandemicClean – Safe and Effective Cleaning in Pandemic Situations, cleaning instructions for the coronavirus pandemic were gathered from 15 countries. Several scientific research findings were also summarised. On that basis, the following proposal was compiled for planning the cleaning work in the next pandemic situation. Cleaning should be considered from the point of view of both cleaners and users of the space cleaned


How to clean effectively and safely in a pandemic situation?

Testing started in Finland 01.02.2023

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, a number of studies were published about which disinfectants are able to kill the virus. But as we know, surface cleaning is not just about the chemical, it’s about the whole, including the cleaning equipment and the cleaning method.

The PandemicClean project will study the role of these factors. The test rooms are classrooms and toilets. We will test the use of tap water, all-purpose cleaner and disinfectant, the effectiveness of microfibre cleaning cloths and disposable wipes, and the ability of different hand tools and mechanical cleaning to remove dirt from surfaces.

ATP measurements will be used to determine whether microbial growth medium remains on surfaces after cleaning. Microbiological tests are used to examine the total bacterial growth on surfaces.

A big, warm thank you to Päijät-Hämeen Laitoshuoltopalvelut for sharing our interest and enthusiasm in studying these issues and for taking responsibility for cleaning and sampling the test areas as instructed!

The tests will be repeated after the summer on the thorough washed surfaces. The aim is to find out whether any chemifilm and biofilm on the surfaces affect the surface hygiene results.

Meeting in Helsinki 29.09.2022

On the meeting in Helsinki we discussed about cleaning rules for 5 rooms and surface hygiene measurements results. Also Rakvere Reaalkool presnted two short videos based scientific studies.

Measurment results, 5 rooms rules preparation and videos are seen under Project results!

Training in the Amsterdam 10.05.-12.05.2022

On the training in the Netherlands we introduced to the partners 20 country differences in cleaning instructions, how to actually clean and that important research says. During the training we taught each other different cleaning methods and how to measure objective purity.  

Most important conclusion from the training – cleanliness is the foundation of everything! It doesn’t matter how much instructions you have for cleaning and disinfection if rooms are not really clean. Do we always disinfect everything or cleaning is enough? We still analyzing our materials and soon present results! And results will be seen in training videos for cleaning 5 rooms.