The principles followed in finding partners were to only include highly professional and important partners, each of whom has a certain role. Due to the objective of the project, it’s important to process information in English, French and German. Therefore, we started looking for partners who speak the respective languages and are actively interested in making the world better in this field.  The competence of processing scientific research and analysis is important.

Project leader Puhastusekspert OÜ has high-level international experience in cleaning and leading and partner in projects. In order to achieve good results, the project team consists of:

– Propuhtaus, Finland – has extensive experience in cleaning research, preparation of books and articles on cleaning;

Tuula Suontamo Oy, Finland – PhD Tuula Suontamo has carried out numerous independent research projects and tests in the area of  a high-level scientific approach ;

IFPRA Normandie, France – has extensive experience in leading projects, including projects for improvement of cleaning in hospitals,

SVS, the Netherlands – has extensive experience in the development of professional cleaning, training and development of training literature.;

Rakvere Reaalkool – has experience in video production and social media marketing. They have video studio with necessary and modern technology (2 cameras, light, sound, software and hardware, etc. 

Kick-off Meeting Tallinn 25.01.2022